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Welcome to the Polorific Cycle seat page here you can find product information and watch the informative marketing video of this innovative and stylish product from R & D Tech.


The Polorific saddle comes in both adult and junior sizes in a range of colours and it has been fully tested and certified by the Bureau Veritas and the Test Certificates can be found at the bottom of this page.

Cycling and your health

The back is one of the most commonly injured body parts among cyclists, and one of the most common reasons for missed training and competition time. If you have suffered from lower back pain there are several sources you can look at. [including]


Seat angle


A study looking at how the seat angle affected the angle of the lower back found an increased bend in the lower back increased the risk of back pain. By simply adjusting the seat angle to put the back back in a neutral angle, 70 percent of the cyclists were relieved of their back pain. So check your seat angle – as a rule of thumb the saddle should be level with the ground. If you have it angled either up or down, it usually shows there’s a problem with your overall bike fit. If in doubt, get a professional bike fit from a qualified coach or your local bike shop.




Protect Yourself from back pain
33 Reasons to cycle
Test Certificate 1.pdf
Test Certificate 2.pdf

Adult Certificate

Child Certificate

The Polorific has opened a new revolution in cycle saddle design, this unique, fun, fashionable and quirky saddle is unlike any other. With its unique circular design with centre cut out provides ventilation and comfort to the rider. Giving a much much more comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.


The saddle offers trouble free cycling ensuring pressure free comfort without placing any undue pressure on sensitive parts of the body, often associated with conventional saddle designs.


The riding position has also been enhanced to that of an upright position reducing strain to both lower back and wrists.


Our saddle has been specifically engineered to fit everyone from small children up to the larger, heavier rider. With its range of colours all on removable and changeable covers in sizes small medium or large, The Polorific provides the whole family with a new opportunity to get back on there bikes and once again enjoy exercising and riding in style and comfort.

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