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Welcome to the Micro Clean page, here you can find and download the ETC (Experimental Techniques Centre) test report of the R & D Tech developed Micro Clean Anti-Bacterial cleaner. Just click the images below to read that page of the document. At the bottom of the page you will also find a video of the exclusive BBC news interview given by the directors or R & D Tech Ltd on the Micro Clean invention.

Report Page 1.pdf
Report Page 2.pdf
Report Page 3.pdf
Report Page 4.pdf
Report Page 5.pdf
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Report Page 7.pdf
Report Page 8.pdf
Product Technical data
Microclean Data 1.pdf
Microclean Data 2.pdf
Microclean Data 3.pdf
Mcroclean Data 4.pdf
Product Information

R&D have designed / developed & (patent applied) a new system of eradicating all micro bacterium using an existing well-proven method.


Microclean Equipment


The Microclean has been designed specifically to be simply attached to any conventional wet / dry Floor Cleaning equipment.

The Microclean can be used in tandem with or without existing cleaning products either wet or dry, and will therefore not require any additional personnel hours.


Prevention is better than cure


The technology of the microclean will allow thorough eradication of all micro bacterium, even in areas, which could possibly be missed using conventional cleaning methods.


Therefore the microclean will be another preventative measure in helping reduce the spread of infectious diseases.


Microclean and the Environment


Microclean requires no cleaning liquids or water, therefore helping to protect the environment, and requires very little in the way of maintenance.


Micro clean test report
Pictures and video of Micro Clean in action
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